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The Blanc-Martel trail

The most famous path of the Gorges du Verdon.

The Department of Agriculture credits Alfred-Edouard Martel for finding new water ressources for supplying Provence in the 10th Century.  Accompanied by a full team and with Isidore Blanc, who was school-master at Rougon, also passionate about flora and fauna, they discovered the wild abyss which is the Grand Canyon.

In the 1930s, the French Touring Club opened a path which starts from La Maline and joins the Couloir Samson. They circumvented the obstacles with ladders, recently modernised.

Blanc Martel (3)

Fleur du Verdon

You will discover throughout this fabulous hike and incredible biodiversity, the most common to the rarest plant species. The fauna is also very rich, particularly the vultures, reintroduced in the Gorges in 1999.

Above the dizzying cliff of Escales, look up and you will see another species, come to settle In the Gorges, the climbers !!

You need around 6 Hours for this Trail of 15 kilometers.

Don’t forget you need good shoes, a lot of water, a light for the tunnels and sunscreen.