I discover a whole region

The surrounding villages

Why not take an unforgettable circuit route to visit the Gorges du Verdon, both left bank and right bank?

You can réserve the loop of the Ridge Road (Route des Crêtes) for another moment and start your circuit to Castellane from the D952.  At Rougon, your first stop is at Point Sublime, in a very large parking area and you will see the viewpoint of Couloir Samson, where the two cliffs of the canyon are just separated by a few meters.

Pont Tusset

Then, the road goes down and along the lenght of the Verdon, and you use the Pont de Soleil in order to cross into the other bank. Taking the RN 90, you arrive at Trigance and it’s Médiéval IX century Castle. Not far from there, is the village of Comps, bearing it’s historic imprint of the Templiers.


You then reach, via the D71, the roof of the Var, the Mont Lachens which has an altitude of 1700 meters, before arriving at the bridge of l’Artuby, who ´s high bridge is a favourite spot for Bungy Jumping.

Pont Artuby 2

Once this bridge is reached, you are on the Corniche Sublime, exactly opposite the Route des Crêtes, ont the right hand bank. The drive is magnificient to Aiguines, a village which is  well-known for the  wood-work done here. You re-join the Lake Sainte-Croix, the most majestic of the five man-made dams along the course of the Verdon. The  turquoise waters of the Lake are a joy to the photographers and swimmers, and the availability of canoës, kayaks or pédalos to rent, means you can continue your trip on the river for another couple of kilometers. But be carefull : swimming is forbidden here in the river, because it is very dangerous.

Lac de Sainte Croix @OT Moustiers

Make the most of going around the Lake to visit the villages of Bauduen, les Salles-sur-Verdon et Sainte Croix, and their pretty beaches.


You cross the Bridge of Galetas which spans the Verdon and the Lake Sainte-Croix. Take a little time to stroll through the pretty village of Moustiers and it’s celebrated potters.


Then go back In the direction of the Gorges, after the roundabout St Clair, where a little visit to the Maison du Parc Regional du Verdon is essential !! You will arrive at the foot of the Resérve Naturelle de Saint -Maurin with it’s cascade. For a tour of this natural protected zone , the idéal is to follow the advice of a guide who will  describe the particularities of this place.

St Maurin

Your trip ends after the Col D’Ayen at 1031 meters altitude, and you are back in La Palud.