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If you have ever visited some of the famous Gorges du Verdon, you will have discovered the villages of La Palud sur Verdon and Rougon, just separated by a few kilometers, and both situated at a height of 930 m.

Welcome to La Palud sur Verdon and Rougon!

In the regional park of Verdon, La Palud and Rougon are two villages beautifully situated in the heart of one of the biggest canyons in Europe. From here, you will find the start of wonderful climbing spots, many hiking places, activities set in unspoilt nature and overlooking flowing river waters.

In the center of La Palud, there is the castle, from the 18th century, where is the Eco-museum of the Gorges du Verdon, exposing the richness of the environment, it’s abundant flora and characteristic fauna.

From the village of Rougon, you have a wonderful view over the Couloir Samson, where the Great Canyon begins. The Point Sublime, located on the edge of the D 952 road is a must-see, to take advantage of the unique landscape shaped over hundreds of millions of years.

The Tourist Office of the Gorges du Verdon

The Tourist Office of the Gorges du Verdon covers the territory of La Palud sur Verdon and Rougon, what represents the entire right side and a part of the left side of the Grand Canyon of Verdon. The Tourist Office of the Gorges du Verdon is a non-profit organization, created and managed by and for the local professionnals of tourism. It is constituted of a voluntary governing instance.

The Tourist Office’s employed team welcomes you in the Castle, at the heart of the village of La Palud sur Verdon, every year from April 1st untill October 31st and will deliver you all the information allowing you to discover the extraordinary natural, historical and cultural heritage of our land :

  • The Route des Crêtes (the Ridge Road), with it’s many viewpoints, offers a panoramic scene for about 700 m over the greatest canyon.
  • The adventure activities : climbing the mythical cliff of Escalès, more than 100 km of hiking such as the well known Blanc-Martel path, canyoning, mountain bike, etc.
  • All the information you need for your accomodation, restaurants, shopping and services can be provided by our Tourist Office.

Concerning the voluntary team of the Tourist Office, you will probably meet them during your stay in La Palud and Rougon, where you will go to eat, to do shopping or to sleep, where you will stop to have a drink or buy a souvenir, where your desire to climb, walk, to visit, to discover will drive you or simply by wandering  about the alleys of our villages.

We wish you a great holyday with us.